Meet the Jury 2020

2020 AIAPV Jury:

Roy Decker, FAIA [Jury Chair] – Duvall Decker Architects
Matthew Cadle, AIA – Duvall Decker Architects
Shannon Gathings, Assoc. AIA – Duvall Decker Architects
Michael LeBoeuf, FAIA – Little
Brandon Pace, FAIA – Sanders Pace Architecture

Roy T. Decker, FAIA [Jury Chair]
Principal, Duvall Decker Architects – Jackson, MS

Roy Decker is a founding partner of Duvall Decker in Jackson, Mississippi. Duvall Decker is an expanded practice whose award-winning work includes architectural design, community planning, real estate development, and building care.

Throughout his career, Roy has been a teacher and community leader, and is regarded as a multi-disciplinary contributor to advancing issues such as public housing, community planning, and design. He expands the role of an architect in search of a public good. His dedication to design excellence, education, and craft infuses his work with meaning. His architecture speculates hopefully on our culture’s growth.

Roy holds a Master of Architecture from Kent State University. Throughout his career, Roy has been a teacher, community leader and practitioner. He is often invited to participate in and chair regional and national peer-reviewed design juries. His expertise in design and planning manifests in frequent requests for lectures interviews and panel discussions. In the past ten years Roy has given more 47 lectures on the firm's work and the status of the profession.

He has been on the faculty of Temple University School of Architecture and Mississippi State University’s School of Architecture. He, with his partner Anne Marie Decker, FAIA, was chosen as one of the Architectural League’s 2017 Emerging Voices. The firm and its work have been featured in the New York Times. In 2019, Roy and Anne Marie were held up as “Game Changers” in Metropolis Magazine, and Roy was recently honored with elevation to the AIA College of Fellows for his distinguished body of work through design, planning and preservation. 

Matthew A. Cadle, AIA, Green LEED Associate
Design Architect, Duvall Decker Architects – Jackson, MS

Matthew is a design leader at Duvall Decker.  He is a graduate of the College of Architecture, Planning and Design at Kansas State University, where he was involved with the University’s Design+Make Studio. Matthew is curious, and his keen ability to listen and integrate new information into design is a great contribution to the firm. He is a licensed architect and is a registered LEED Green Associate with the U.S. Green Building Council.

Shannon Gathings, Assoc. AIA
Project Manager, Duvall Decker Architects – Jackson, MS

Shannon demonstrates a maturity and dedication beyond her experience. As a project manager at Duvall Decker Architects, PA, Shannon often anticipates challenges and offers unprompted resolutions. She has been involved on projects such as Ed Gray Housing Development and a key team member on projects such as the Mississippi Valley State University James H. White Library Renovation. She received the Alpha Rho Chi Medal of Leadership upon graduation from Mississippi State University, and has continued to advance her leadership skills as a volunteer for AIA. Her volunteer efforts with the local and state chapter of AIA Mississippi are many, as she has served rank positions including 2018 AIA Mississippi Chapter President. Shannon has served as a representative of the National Associates Committee for many years and has served as Gulf States Regional Associate Director. Shannon was recently selected to serve as the 2020 Strategic Council Associate Representative, and will continue as 2021 Associate Director of the AIA National Board. Shannon’s most valued efforts are in support of equity, diversity and inclusion in practice, with noted contributions to the new AIA leadership program—an outcome of Resolution 18-3—promoting representation of ethnically diverse women in the professional pipeline and AIA leadership.

Michael E. LeBoeuf, FAIA
Design Principal, Little – Orlando, FL

Michael LeBoeuf is the Design Principal for Little’s Orlando office and has practiced for more than 40 years. Most of his career has been focused on the design of urban and civic buildings throughout the United States; projects that represent substantial investments by our society to create buildings that define the urban core of our cities.

He graduated from Kent State University in 1979 with dual degrees, a Bachelor of Architecture and Environmental Design and a Bachelor from the School of Fine and Professional Arts. He has been a resident of Orlando since 1985, and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor in the University of Florida’s Graduate School of Architecture Orlando CityLab program and on the University of Central Florida’s School of Design and Architecture Advisory Board. 

For Michael, architecture is a language; but more than a means of communicating outward, he sees architecture as a resultant. It is the connective element of the forces and ideas inherent both within the project and without. It is a nexus between the world of ideas and the world of the tangible, it is greater than the sum of its parts. He leads design teams to create spaces that embody this thesis, engaging and transforming the human experience. Thus, each project is unique and an opportunity to reinvestigate the interaction between program and site, history and modernity, and functionality and symbolism. While the tendency for many architects is to identify the client’s limits and design to them, his strength is the ability to push their expectations and add energetic spirit to take design to a higher place.

In 2010, Michael’s design excellence was rewarded by both his elevation to a Fellow in the AIA and with his selection to the US General Services Administration’s National Registration of Peer Professionals. To date, his design work has received 72 local, state, and national awards for design excellence.

Brandon F. Pace, FAIA, LEED AP
Principal, Sanders Pace Architecture – Knoxville, TN

Brandon Pace is a founding partner of Sanders Pace Architecture, started in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2002 with partner John Sanders. With work that is extensively researched and thoughtfully executed, Brandon has become a critical voice for a region and context often overlooked. In an era of increasing globalization, Brandon approaches architecture with a local mindset, identifying and expanding upon those cultural, physical, and social characteristics and circumstances that define a place and make it unique. By identifying opportunities within these constraints Brandon has established a foundation and framework for a design process that has led his projects to more than 50 local, regional, and national AIA design awards and publication in books and magazines throughout the world. In 2019 Brandon was elevated to the AIA College of Fellows for his contributions to the profession.