Total AIA annual dues for 2021 will be $694 for Architect Members; $247 for Associate Members; and $331 for International Associate Members. Local, state and national dues portions are as follows:

AIA Potomac Valley local dues: (same as 2020)

  • $235 for Architect Members
  • $59 for Associate Members
  • $59 for International Associates
  • $0 for Emeritus

AIA Maryland state dues: (same as 2020)

  • $171 for Architect Members
  • $63 for Associate Members
  • $63 for International Associates
  • $0 for Emeritus Members

AIA National dues:

  • $288 for Architect Members
  • $125  for Associate Members
  • $209 International Associates
  • $0 for Emeritus Members

AIA Potomac Valley and AIA Maryland will continue to participate in AIA National’s complimentary membership program for new architecture graduates, waiving dues for the first 18 months after graduation.

National, state and local dues are prorated on a quarterly basis to integrate new and reinstating members only into the calendar year membership cycle. Renewing members are required to pay full dues, regardless of when renewal occurs in the calendar year.

New or previous members can use the AIA Dues Estimator to calculate the cost of their estimated membership dues.


If you are renewing as an Architect, Associate, or International Associate member, you may enroll in the 2021 Dues Installment Program between October 2020 and April 30, 2021. The 2021 membership dues must be paid in full by June 30, 2021. 

Members must enroll in the Dues Installment Program at the time in which they join, renew, or reinstate. During the online payment checkout process, an option will be available to select “Dues Installment Program” and you may enroll to pay your membership dues in up to six monthly installments depending on the day of enrollment. Learn more

How do I enroll?

Joining, rejoining, or renewing members can enroll online.  If joining or rejoining, please visit Join. If renewing, visit Renew to enroll online.