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Designing My Career - Presenting Yourself: Resumes, Portfolios, Interviews and More

July 18, 2018
6:30 PM EDT - 8:30 PM EDT
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Leo A Daly
1200 19th St NW, #220
Washington, DC 20036
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Designing My Career - A Four-Part Series for Students, Recent Grads, Associates, and Young Architects

These seminars will help you identify, understand and navigate the challenges to achieving your ideal path career path in the architecture profession.

Session I - The Path to Licensure: How, When, Why
More than just a review of the ARE and AXP, this session will help you understand what you'll gain by becoming a licensed architect and how to incorporate your commitment to licensing into the rest of your life. Michael A. Daly, AIA, the Architectural Licensing Advisor for Maryland, will share tips for study resources and test-taking approaches, while recent test-takers will offer their own pointers for how they prepared and stayed sane during the process.

Session II - Presenting Yourself: Resumes, Portfolios, Interviews and More
Knowing how to present yourself and your work effectively is critical at every career stage, whether you are applying for a job, pitching a new client, submitting award entries, or communicating with potential partners and collaborators. 1.5 LU

Learning Objectives:
  1. Participants will learn from leaders of both large and small firms the steps taken to hire new employees and how firm culture varies by firm/ job.
  2. Participants will learn strategies to make their resumes and portfolios stand out among other candidates and accurately reflect their personal strengths.
  3. Participants will understand the importance of professional, personal and volunteer experience, how to highlight each type of experience, and how firms view these experiences for career growth.
  4. Participants will develop active communications skills with firm leaders during one-on-one "speed-dating" meetings.

Session III - Mentoring: Finding and Making the Most of Mentor Relationships
A mentor is a trusted adviser or guide. Anyone can be a mentor and everyone can use at least one mentor, if not more, to help make sense of real-world situations that come up as a career progresses. In this session, AIA Potomac Valley Director Kristina Crenshaw, AIA, will lead architects looking for mentors and architects who are in a position to mentor others through an interactive discussion about the value of mentor relationships, and easy ways to establish and maintain those relationships. The evening will include a social hour to foster conversations between young professionals and potential mentors.

Session IV - Career Mapping: Milestones and Directions
Knowing where you've been, what experiences you've enjoyed and done well at it, and which have not been as enjoyable or successful, can be a powerful tool for mapping your future direction. Join us for a valuable, introspective and fun activity that can help you visualize the path toward your ideal career.


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$30.00 AIAPV Member - Designing My Career: Sessions II, III, and IV

$30.00 Other AIA Chapter Member - Designing My Career: Sessions II, III, and IV

$60.00 Non-Member - Designing My Career: Sessions II, III, and IV

$10.00 AIAPV Member - Designing My Career: Session II - Presenting Yourself

$10.00 Other AIA Chapter Member - Designing My Career: Session II - Presenting Yourself

$20.00 Non-Member - Designing My Career: Session II - Presenting Yourself



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