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Going to A'18? Connect With Maryland Colleagues in NY!

About 10 percent of AIA Potomac Valley members attend the annual AIA Conference on Architecture each year. When it's held in close and exciting locations, like this year's event in New York, the number goes a little higher. All chapter members registered for the Conference will soon receive an email communication from the chapter inviting you to a meet-up with other attendees from the three Maryland AIA chapters. You are also invited to participate in the AIA Business Meeting as a chapter delegate if you are able to be there on Wednesday prior to official opening of the Conference. The AIA Business Meeting is where the organization votes on policy, procedural and structural changes, and elevates issues that are of importance to the membership. Delegates vote on behalf of the chapter on the resolutions presented at the AIA Business Meeting, and vote for AIA national leadership, after attending candidate speeches and Q&A, and conferring with other delegates at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Caucus. If you have an interest in how the AIA works at the national level, an interest in national leadership, or a desire to bring our local voice to this process, please contact Executive Director Renee Catacalos about serving as a delegate.

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