AIA Maryland Legislative Update

AIA Maryland – 2018 Legislative UPDATE

Check the AIA Maryland legislative page for weekly updates on various bills introduced during this Session, and check the Latest News for dates when AIA Maryland will testify before House or Senate committees on these issues. If you have any questions regarding a current bill or issue, please feel free to contact AIA Maryland. Should you have interest in testifying on any bill, please contact AIA Maryland prior to the hearing so we can work together and present a united organization representing architects in the State of Maryland.

Here is an update on bills AIA Maryland is currently following with recent or upcoming hearings:

HB195 / SB0473 – Prince George’s County – School Overcrowding Reduction Act of 2018
     House Ways and Means hearing 2/15, 1pm – monitoring; Senate Budget & Tax hearing 2/21, 1pm.
HB0226 / SB0483 – Public Schools – Sprinkler Systems – Required
     Senate Education, Health & Environment hearing 2/13, 1pm – monitoring
HB0968 / SB0092 – Maryland School Overcrowding Reduction Act of 2018
     House Health & Gov Ops hearing 2/20, 1pm AIAMD plans to testify
HB0986 – SB 1009 – Department of General Services – Bird-Safe Building Standards (Maryland Bird-Safe Buildings Act of 2018)
     House Health & Gov Ops hearing 2/20, 1pm – attending; Senate Education, Health & Environment hearing 3/6, 1pm.
HB1438 / SB0332 – Prince George’s County – School Construction Master Plan Workgroup
     Senate Budget & Tax hearing 2/14, 1pm – monitor
SB0469 – Public Health – School Buildings – Minimum Health Standards (Healthy Schools Program)
     Senate Budget & Tax hearing 2/21, 1pm – monitor
SB1020 / HB1557 – Procurement – Architectural Services and Engineering Services – Reciprocal Preference – AIA Maryland’s Bill
     Senate Education, Health and Environment hearing 2/27, 1pm

Note: Where two Bill numbers are listed, this means the bill was cross-filed.

Complete information on the above bills can be found on the General Assembly of Maryland website.

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