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Inter-lux Announces New and Improved Whitegoods Lightmeter App

As any lighting professional knows, you never have a lightmeter when you need one, until now…

Inter-lux has unveiled an updated and improved version of the original Whitegoods Lightmeter app, which was hugely popular having been downloaded well over 150,000 times. Inter-lux has developed the app to be an indispensable tool for any lighting professional, putting the functionality of a lightmeter (and more) into your pocket on your iOS or Android device, offering the opportunity to take light level readings whenever and wherever needed.

Whitegoods is already well-known for its seamless integrated lighting tools that blend perfectly with adjoining surfaces. “This technology-driven lighting tool is a natural extension of the on-going effort by Inter-lux to give specifiers the very best tools to help them get their jobs done.” says Mark DeVries, CEO.

Most lightmeter apps are designed for use by photographers, but the Whitegoods app has been created by lighting designers specifically for designers and architects. The result is an app totally optimized for their needs. For example, the app allows the user to record multiple light levels to projects, add images to those projects and publish the results.

Additionally, this powerful app allows the user to compare light levels they experience by suggesting other potential applications, which update dynamically as lighting conditions change. 

About the app
The app is feature rich and includes the following functionality:

  • Take light level readings with your phone.
  • All readings are date, time, and geo stamped.
  • Use the Room Average function to take a series of readings throughout a room or space to find the average light level.
  • Timer function for tricky to reach spots where you can’t see the screen.
  • Record, or ‘save’ the results individually.
  • Add readings to projects, and even rooms within a project.
  • Add photos to projects and rooms.
  • Create and distribute a professional pre-formatted PDF report of your single reading, or entire project, right from the app.
  • Use the CCT meter function to record color temperature.
  • Improve the accuracy of your phone by ‘teaching’ it alongside a dedicated lightmeter if you have one, or can borrow one.
  • Utilize the dedicated calibration for the “Luxi” attachment to achieve the most accurate readings possible with a smartphone.

The app is available in the App Store and Google Play store.

About Inter-lux

Inter-lux designs and manufactures the Whitegoods brand in North America, and distributes Whitegoods through its network of highly trained independent sales representatives. Whitegoods products address the need for minimalist lighting tools that are easy to specify, install and maintain. Luminaires by Whitegoods blend perfectly with adjoining surfaces to create integrated lighting schemes with one unified style and maximum efficiency of design. Learn more at Inter-lux.com/whitegoods.

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