Celebrate "World Architecture Day" on October 1st

The International Union of Architects (UIA) with headquarters in Paris, established World Architecture Day in 1986. It is traditionally celebrated every year on the first Monday in October to coincide with the United Nations World Habitat Day, under the theme “Architecture . . . for a Better World.”

We are constantly connected and interdependent on each other and on the physical world around us, but architects and non-architects alike may sometimes forget that the very essence of Architecture with a capital “A” permeates everything we do. A city, a building, or a space -- constantly evolving with changing times and conditions in response to a variety of forces and needs -- is capable of affecting us aesthetically in ways that no other work of art can, while also sheltering us, surrounding us, giving us a place for our activities, inspiring us and helping us protect our environment.

The history of architecture is as vast as human civilization and is a testament to the permanence and resilience inherent in the built environment. As Trachtenberg eloquently points out, “Architecture is perhaps the most pervasive of all man-made things.” So, my fellow architects, as we are serving and helping others while giving expression to vision, let's use this day to celebrate and reflect on our noble profession and remind us and those around us of the importance of Architecture in our everyday lives!

Antonio Rebelo, AIA
President, AIA Potomac Valley

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