What Do You Know About Prince George's Modern?

With townhomes going up on the Kiplinger Editors property and the Hyattsville Library soon to be demolished and rebuilt as the 21st century knowledge center that the saucer could only hint at, what do you know about other Midcentury Modern buildings in Prince George's County that are still standing or have been lost? 

The Prince George's County Planning Department has compiled resources at the Prince George's Modern website, including the publication Prince George's Modern, Midcentury Architecture 1941-1978, a table of significant properties throughout the County, and scanned copies of selected issues of the Potomac Valley Architect from our Chapter files that highlight significant leaders such as Paul H. Kea and the Chapter's groundbreaking work on barrier-free architecture.

Would you be interested in a presentation from Historic Preservation Specialist Daniel Sams on Prince George's Modern, or a tour of some of the remaining Midcentury Modern buildings in the county?

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