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AIAPV Action in Support of Minority and Underrepresented Architecture Communities

Action speaks louder than words. With recent events continuing to be at the forefront of our minds, we all find that we want to do something to help, to be involved in solutions, to act. AIAPV is gearing up to provide additional support to our membership, especially members of color and those from minority and underrepresented backgrounds. We also believe this action is needed to foster equity, diversity, and inclusion in the field of architecture. 

Therefore, the AIAPV Board of Directors commits to the following actions:

  1. Outreach We will engage with the minority focused organizations within our community to discuss their suggestions for ways we can incorporate their viewpoints into AIAPV discussions, communications, and programming as we strive to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in the field of architecture.

  2. Leadership – We will pursue strategies to recruit at least two (2) representatives (either new or to replace departing members) to our leadership board per membership year, beginning with the 2021 membership year, until the board membership reflects the chapter membership in race and gender.

  3. Representation – We will ensure that our design awards juries are inclusive and diverse, with at least one (1) minority representative on each jury in 2020, and full juries including at least 1/3 membership from underrepresented race and gender groups in 2021 and beyond.

  4. Scholarship – We will encourage our partner organization, the Potomac Valley Architecture Foundation (PVAF), to ensure its annual student scholarship campaign rewards the excellence, outstanding achievement, and outstanding potential of a balanced, representative group of students from our constituent communities. We will also encourage PVAF to provide mentorship of these scholarship recipients by architecture professionals throughout their college careers.

  5. Conversation – We will create a regular open discussion forum to provide our members with opportunities to discuss issues of racial and minority injustice, disparities, inequity, etc. The goal is to allow for dialog between members to facilitate a greater understanding of one another and the varied action members and the chapter can take.  We want to hear from you. We ask you to send us your thoughts and ideas on how you’d like to see AIAPV address these difficult issues.  Please contact the AIAPV Board of Directors’ President-Elect, Deborah Buelow, to tell us what actions you think this chapter can take.

  6. Accountability – We will charge the Board’s President-Elect with ensuring that the above actions are implemented. The President-Elect will also provide oversight to programming and activities to ensure equity, diversity, and inclusion are pursued in all of our work as a chapter.

The Board of Directors encourages AIAPV members to contact us with feedback, ideas, and suggestions to support these efforts. And if you want to get involved in specific initiatives, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of us to get started.


Jason Darling, President
Deborah Buelow, President-Elect
Thomas Wallof, Secretary
Tom Nyein, Treasurer
Jennifer Verbeke, Past President
John Corkill, Director
Kristina Crawley, Director
Kristina Crenshaw, Director
Warren Feldman, Director
Bo Green, Director
Peter Noonan, Director
Antonio Rebelo, Director
Xuan Liu, Associate Director
Jonathan Shoemaker, Allied Director
Shorieh Talaat, Academic Director

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