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Architects can and should be involved in the issues that affect the practice of our profession and the quality of the built environment. Our chapter’s Advocacy Committee provides a venue for engaging on issues in the counties and municipalities in which we live and work every day. State level activities are spearheaded AIA Maryland and the Maryland Architects PAC, while national activities and resources are provided by AIA National and ArchiPAC.


The IgCC Task Force presents its findings to the membership.


The Advocacy Committee of AIA Potomac Valley works to provide an architecture perspective on a variety of fronts affecting the built environment, including zoning, permitting, historic preservation and the design process for public buildings.

Major efforts in the past two years included the presentation of recommendations on adoption of the International Green Construction Code in Montgomery County (read the report), and advocating for a smaller-footprint, transit-oriented location for Prince George’s County’s new regional hospital (read the case studies report).

The Advocacy chair also helps identify ways for individual architects to be involved on issues in their communities, by recommending architects for positions on task forces and public boards, and helping architects who want to advocate for specific changes to find the appropriate venues to take action.

For more information about current activities, contact Eileen Emmet,

AIAMD Leg Reception 2013

AIAMD Legislative Reception 2013


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